The Conde family started working with agribusiness back in 1961. At that time the company’s name was AC Agro Mercantil joining all the agricultural and cattle production in one company.

The “AC” in the company’s name stands for Mr. Arlindo Conde, the company’s founder. In 1974, Mr. Arlindo decided to invest in their 1st 160 hectares of coffee plantation at the Mogiana Region.

A lot has changed since then, including the coffee plantations that are now concentrated in the Cerrado Area. Santa Rosalia farm was bought in 1994 and Santa Lucia in 1998. The total production area for both farms is now 4.000 hectares.


Mr Arlindo Conde

Mr. Augusto Conde – Mr. Arlindo´s son - has ran all the agribusiness operation until our current CEO, Daniel Conde started to take control over 10 years ago. Daniel is Mr. Augusto’s nephew and therefore the family 3rd generation running the business.
At the end of 2012 the cattle production was completely separated from the coffee production and two new companies were created: AC Proteína and AC Café.
Also in 2012, the Pátria Investimentos group – a partner of the Blackstone group – became partners with AC Café. Since then, heavy infrastructural investments focusing on quality improvement were made at the farms.
The family tradition allied with the innovative ideas of the younger generation and its partners make AC Café a one of a kind company!



Santa Rosalia Farm Airview


Fazenda Santa Rosalia was acquired in 1994 and its plantation area nowadays is 2.031 ha and another 766 hectares of preservation land. It is located in the city of Araxá/MG in the Cerrado area as well. A total of 110 employees work there.



Fazenda Santa Lucia was acquired in 1998 and its plantation area nowadays is 1.958 ha and another 1.965 hectares of preservation land. It is located in the city of Perdizes in the Cerrado area. A total of 163 employees work there.



Both farms, our warehouse and dry mill as well as our main office are located in the Cerrado Area of Minas Gerais state in Brazil.
The privileged Cerrado area micro-climate provides a great environment for high quality Arabica coffee production. Mild temperatures and no rainfall during the season’s peak are crucial for the necessary slow maturation of the coffee cherries.

Santa Lúcia Farm Airview